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So, you’re stuck at home and you’ve been stuffing your face with all the goodies. Yes I’m talking to you! You’re feeling guilty because you know you won’t fit in the clothes in your wardrobe when the time comes. What can you do? The answer is very simple, workout! There are lots of different workouts you can do at home and I’ve got a few of my favourite ones here! You don’t need a heavy equipments and all you need is a minimum of 30 minutes!

I especially enjoy HIIT (high-intensity interval training) because it’s an awesome form of cardio and if you want to lose weight, cardio is great. Since weight-loss is my main target I tend to gravitate towards any form of HIIT I can find. HIIT workouts are the quickest ways to convert body fat into lean muscle. You are expected to give your all because it’s not a very long workout. They don’t normally exceed 30 minutes.

HIIT workouts for women (and men, for that matter) are made up of explosive, full-body movements like kettlebell swings or burpees intended to rev your heart rate, get your system firing on all cylinders, and use up so much energy that your body experiences something called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC. This physiological phenomenon is also known as the “afterburn effect.”

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I also use a lot of the videos I can find on youtube. Currently, I’m following Heather Roberston’s 12 weeks workout plan. The first week involves only body weight, whereas weeks 2 and onwards you would need some light to medium dumbbells. Her workouts don’t go more than 30-35 minutes. I must warn you though, you will sweat in those 30-35 minutes and you will feel the burn. I will include one of her videos below so you can try and see how it goes.

I’m no health expert and I don’t claim to be. I mentioned in my previous post that I simply enjoy working out. If you’re like me, then you must enjoy that feeling once you’ve crushed the workout and you’re lying there unable to move! I would do these for 30 seconds and after completing all five I’ll go for two more rounds. You can rest for 20 seconds in-between the exercise.

So these are some of my favourite exercises. You can perform them in any order (like i said, I’m no expert. Simply sharing what I enjoy doing)

1. Burpees

I hated these in the beginning. I couldn’t do more than three when I was first introduced to them. Eventually, I got used to them and started to love them. When you crush burpees you feel like super-woman. Trust me. Give these a go. When you wake up every morning, try and do 10 of these babies and see how your day goes from a zero to a 10 in seconds!

2. Squat Jumps

Just like a normal squat, except you explode into a jump and then back to your squat. You will feel these in your thighs. It will BURRRRRN so don’t quit. Push through!

3. Mountain Climbers

Get in plank position and start “climbing”. You will feel this everywhere! From your shoulders to your abs and your legs. Ensure you get the proper posture because this can hurt your lower back if you get it wrong.

4. High Knees

This will bring your heart rate up and crush those abs. Your thighs will also be burrrrrning. Think of it as the all that fat dying a slow and painful death.

5. Shadow Boxing

My absolute fave. When I don’t do a HIIT program I will learn towards any form of boxing workouts. Youtube has plenty of these. Your arms and shoulders will thank you in a few weeks!

After doing 2-3 rounds I then go for some ab workouts. Here are the ones I love to do. Because most of these I do lying down, I tend to go for 40 seconds and rest for 20 seconds in-between.

1. Crunches

Start of simple! Make sure you’re looking up so as not to strain your neck to much.

2. Leg raises

It will start to burn now! But in a few weeks when those abs start to show, it will all be worth it. Contract those abs and use them to raise your legs up quickly and slowly lower them.

3. Flutter kicks

These will kill your abs! I promise you will feel these! For that extra burn lift your shoulders up off the floor and kick!

4. Plank

Need I say more? Come on! Tighten those abs and hold!!! If you’re not so advanced, go on your knees. You will still feel the burn!

5. Go for another round…or two!

And don’t forget to stretch once your done! This will prevent injuries and ensure you’re ready to do it all over again the next day. Remember these are workouts you can do at home, take your time and make sure you are following the correct form. See how many reps you can do in 30-40 seconds for round one. Next round try to improve on that, but definitely don’t go lower!

I have shared some videos below for you to browse through. Have fun! Because workouts should be fun!

I’ve been following Heather Roberston for the longest now! Her latest 12 weeks program is intense! But anyone can do it…YOU most definetly can. All you need is 30 minutes! I love doing her workouts in the morning! Great way to start the day 🙂 

Chloe Ting is amazing! She has specific workouts targeting different areas of the body. She has different programs you can follow using the different videos she has on her channel. I recommend her two-weeks abs challenge! Check it out!!!

Remember I said I love boxing workouts! Here is a super good one! In fact the ENTIRE Popsugar Fitness Channel is awesome! I’ve been using the channel for about 5+ years now. I love every single workout I do! Please, please check out this channel!

So this has been my longest post to date! lol But hey, if it helps anyone, I’ll be glad. Share pictures and stories of you working out from home the comments below

So happy workout everyone! 

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  1. Rachel, this is an excellent article! It has lots of very useful exercises that people can do on a daily basis and get their bodies in great shape. Thank you so much for sharing!

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