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Here in Seychelles, we have a lot of children with special needs in schools. Many have been diagnosed but there are still a lot who have not. Now that schools are closed and all the children are at home, there are probably lots of you pulling out your hair not knowing what to do! This post looks are eight different websites for parents to use. Children with special needs are not any less smart than the others in his/her class. He or she is just as smart except that the brain of a child with special needs works differently because it’s a neurological process.

People with learning disabilities have a biological brain make up which counterintuitively functions to typical memory, reasoning, planning, organizational, and attention tasks. These disabilities are often lifelong and create a divide between intellectual abilities and actual success, especially when the learning disability is unidentified. That’s why it’s supremely important to evaluate the possibility of the presence of a learning disbaility while a child is young. That way they can gain the tools they need to function, thrive, and learn as individual

Special Education Degrees

There are many educational websites out there that cater to children with special needs. Such websites can help students with learning disabilities master basic skills in reading and maths. I have gone through some of these sites and listed 8 websites that can help parents struggling with children that have learning disabilities including dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, and visual-motor deficit.

  1. IXL Worldwide provide fun exercises for mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies. There is a PDF document that you can download to explain how to make best use of the website. There are lots of motivating factors for the children such as earning awards like stickers and balloon animals for each lesson mastered.
  2. Funbrain is just that, FUN! There are lots of books for reading online and videos showing lots of interesting documentaries to keep the children motivated. The website offers hundreds of games, books, comics, and videos that develop skills in math, reading, problem-solving and literacy.
  3. Storyline Online is an excellent resource for children with learning disabilities like dyslexia. There are videos with narrators (including some celebrities) who read books to the children. Students develop their literacy skills by following along with the text as the literature comes alive.
  4. Into the Book helps your child with reading comprehension skills. They learn how to summarize and visualize the story they are reading.
  5. Starfall is a free website that helps children with reading skills, language arts and mathematics for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third grade. There are many fun lessons from letter recognition to reading full-length books. Students can also download popular songs, including “Wheels on the Bus,” for fine-motor coordination.
  6. Do2learn  is an excellent website for special needs education. The children will have access to thousands of free elementary-level worksheets for literacy, math, visual discrimination, behavior management, and more. There are also printable picture cards available to promote functional communication in children with Autism.
  7. Adapted Mind is another wonderful website where the children learn through play. There are lots of lessons available and the same lessons have been made fun by game designers. Each child starts with a quick pretest. The pretest determines where the child should start in the curriculum. As the kids progress the difficulty of the math is adjusted automatically. AdaptedMind automatically administers formative assessments on new and old skills, assuring that students’ mastery of topics is robust.
  8. Arcademics has tons of free games ranging from maths, reading, geography and many more subjects! The kids learn through the different games they can play. Children with learning disabilities can compete for top scores while boosting their fact fluency.

Remember to be patient and understanding with the children. Especially the little ones, learning through play – not just an iPad or TV, but actually play involving you as the parents! You just might end up discovering something extra special about your child. So spend as much time as you can with them. Click here for general websites with awesome resources!

Happy Teaching/Learning

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