The Teacher Fashionista

Teachers can be fashionistas as well! Here I want to share all the various places you can get affordable fashion both locally and online. You can also follow me on instagram!

Fashion has always been one of my passions! And before becoming a mum I was a fashionista in my own little world 😀 

After becoming a mum I must say I lived in loungewear the majority of the time and I let myself go. I know there are many of you who go through this! But you’re here! So you must want to learn and/or improve your wardrobe! 

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I don’t claim to be an expert, but I when I started my little ‘side hustle’a few years back, it turned out I had an eye for fashion and a lot of ladies trusted me with their online shopping.

I figured I could now use the knowledge acquired over the years to start this page on my website to help even more ladies! Not just teachers! 


So this is how the “Teacher Fashionista” page will work.

Different #teacherfashionistas will be featured and we can learn where they get their style picks from.

Once it is safe out there, we will have vlogs to show the different local shops where you can purchase different items of clothing.

And no, bags, shoes and accessories have not been forgotten!

Follow my instagram for different items of clothing and where you can actually obtain them!

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