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I’m really not just a geography teacher, I’m also a mother. I am therefore also going through the homeschooling drama most parents are going through. I also want the schools to open just like you! 😀 I feel you parents! I am SO guilty of giving both my girls an iPad and calling it a day! There are moments I just want some peace and quiet and to be real with you…that’s perfectly ok! In a previous post I did share a quote from Hamayoun

“You don’t have to home school if it’s really going to cause severe emotional distress for everyone involved. And I think that’s really important for parents to hear right now because we all feel so much personal pressure.”

What I wanted to share today are just a few  good websites for homeschooling for parents to browse through. Besides Youtube and Youtube Kids! There are plenty of websites with good homeschooling resources out there and yes the majority ask that we pay. In some ways, can you blame them? You’re a ‘teacher’ in some ways now, so imagine spending hours making a resource…you would want some kind of recognition for it. The good news is that many of these websites are now offering a period of free trial. So you can make good use of them while they are available.

1. – This is honestly my personal favorite. We follow a very British curriculum in Seychelles, especially since our students sit for IGCSEs in S5. On this website you can find HUNDREDS of resources for kids from 3 all the way to A Levels. What I love is that they have end of topic assessments which you can print out and give your child to work on. The best thing for most parents – they provide the answer key! 😉

Twinkl Educational Publishing

2. – A cute little website for your little ones to learn how to read. There is a 30-day-free trial going on, so hurry over and sign up! The lessons use colourful animation, fun characters, songs, and rewards to keep children motivated and it is completely interactive – just the way the kids like it! There is a placement quiz that your child can take so that he or she will start at the correct reading level. Head over to the website so you can learn a lot more!

3. – Do you have a budding scientist on your hands? This website is perfect for your child. The students’ section includes a great free catalog of articles, activities, videos, and games for students in grades K–12 on topics related to STEM, aeronautics, and space exploration

4. – A beautiful website created by a fellow mum/educator. She has many crafty and FUN ideas you can do with your children at home. Remember that you should use this time to bond with your child. At times actual school work with just drive you crazy. So, doing some fun things can help bring your blood pressure back down and you can have some fun!

5. – FREE resources! Need I say more? You can download and print a number of resources to use with your child!

6. – BrainPOP is a subscription site, but many families—both homeschooling and those with kids in traditional school—find the quality of the site to be worth the yearly fee. Engaging animated movies, quizzes, and educational games in every subject, as well as mobile access. They also have free access during school closures, so don’t hesitate to have a look! There are interactive videos, quizzes and other fun ways to learn.

In the next post, I’ll be sharing websites specifically for social science! If you’re interested in resources for students with special needs, click here!

Happy schooling!


2 thoughts on “Sites with good homeschooling resources”

  1. Me to. I have seen a lot of what people are calling show off mums. My children have done 6 projects today and learned a new language and my house is so clean blah blah blah. However there has been a few good points also made. Use this time to teach them how to cook, how to look after a house and to just enjoy being a family. Our home schooling is been going as well as it could and if my kids are not enjoying something or fed up after an hour or so that’s fine. They are not going to learn if they are not enjoying it. Got to do what works best for your family. Thank you for the links.

    1. Totally agree with you! This is the time to be bonding with our children! The world is already in a chaos. We shouldn’t turn the household into one too 😂 If homeschooling will stress you out, refrain from it and find something else to build a stronger bond over

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