Sexual Abuse! Enough is Enough

no to sexual abuse!

Ok, so I didn’t sleep very well last night and I’m pretty sure the majority of the Seychelles population didn’t sleep well either. The news hit us like a ton of bricks! 75 cases of sexual abuse in a period of 5 years by 3 and possibly more men! When the judge added that it might be up to 200 cases…wow…I just couldn’t believe it! This is something I see when I watch the Special Victims Unit series, and I used to think, we don’t have it that bad in Seychelles. And then, BOOM, we have it even worse than what’s shown on a popular television show!

A Taboo Subject?

Sexual abuse is a taboo subject in Seychelles and this needs to STOP! NOW! Why do we have to make the victims feel like they did something wrong? They didn’t ask for this! They were kids as young as 10 or 12. We may even blame the parents for allowing their young ones access to social media. But come on, be real here! How many of you as parents can say you know exactly what your child is doing on his or her smartphone?? We make it so hard for these young kids to come out and say I was abused. And this needs to stop! If we keep on making it hard for them, none of them will come out and say what happened. Instead, they will try to hide it and at some point, they will explode at the wrong person at the wrong moment. What I can’t understand is people who know a child is being abused and they hide it! Why? Because a mother is ashamed to say her new boyfriend has abused her daughter, or she loves him too much! So let him continue to abuse my child because I don’t want to lose him! Come on!! And as horrible as this sounds, IT HAPPENS! Even other family members who know about it won’t come out and talk. Because it’s a “family matter” and the topic is taboo and no one wants society looking down on them!

Sentencing…let’s not even go there!

Sentencing is a whole other topic. I’m not a lawyer nor do I have a background in law. But I have been a teacher for the past 11 years and I have seen the damage done to kids who have been abused. It’s not pretty! The majority already feel like their lives are over, no one will love them, no one will want them, people will point fingers are them and whisper when they are around. Yet, and this is the part I just CANNOT understand, these pedophiles, these vile human beings are given some of the most lenient sentences! Please tell me how a drug dealer can get a sentence harsher than a serial pedophile?? I say serial because he’s been doing it since 2012! It makes NO sense!

Sexual Offenders Register

Another question I have, in the report they mentioned that the names will be added to the sexual offenders’ register. Please raise your hand if you knew we had one in Seychelles! Is this public?? Because if it isn’t, then it should be! Why are these people being protected? The reason I heard on the news last night was that they want to protect the identity of the victims. Fair enough, but how does releasing the names of the predators affect the victims??? We need to know who these people are! We need to make sure our children are safe at all times. Do businesses have access to this register? Can they find out if someone looking for employment in a place where they will be around children is an offender? All these are questions that many, many Seychellois are asking!

Enough is Enough!

We need answers! More importantly, we need to start a movement! Sexual abuse is taken to lightly in this country and it needs to end now! The lives of so many have been destroyed while these grown men will someday be released and carry on as normal. No! Enough is enough!

#istandwithyou #Istandwiththe75! #notosexualabuse #notolightsentences #enoughisenough  #wepromisetolisten #nameandshameyourabuser

Let’s come together and get this movement started! If no one stands up for those who cannot speak up for themselves…who will?

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3 thoughts on “Sexual Abuse! Enough is Enough”

  1. That sentence was on some BS. They were all minors and yet nobody received life imprisonment???? This system needs to be fixed ASAP.

  2. It is really sad indeed. I get shivers thinking of what those children have endured. Some men are just pigs!!! And the sentencing just blows my mind. Reforms need to be done in that area of the law. We need to stand up for these children. Hopefully, the other victims finds the courage to come forward 💜

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